Aphmau: Female Minecraft YouTuber who creates energetic storytelling content

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Jess “Aphmau” Bravura is a hugely popular Minecraft YouTuber who has won the hearts of millions with her creative and adorable content.

There are thousands of hours worth of Minecraft content to choose from on YouTube. Each creator offers something a bit different, but typically includes things such as challenges, playthroughs, showcases of PvP skill, building, tips, tricks, and more.

For someone who is looking for something completely unique in terms of Minecraft content, look no further than Aphmau. She has produced a massive library of creative Minecraft videos, where each piece of content typically follows a special story, goal, or theme.

This is content that viewers can enjoy as a form of video of entertainment, such as watching a TV show on Netflix or Hulu. Her content is targeted mostly towards a younger audience, but are produced at an exceptionally high-level.

This article will be breaking down why choosing to watch Aphmau’s YouTube content would be an exceptional choice for kids and fans of all ages, who are looking for unique and creative Minecraft content.

Aphmau’s Minecraft videos are near perfect forms of entertainment for a younger audience.

It is only fitting that Minecraft has such a wholesome and fun creator, as the game is targeted towards younger players and has a massive following amongst kids across the world.

Aphmau currently has over 7.8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. That is no small feat, and it is clear that she has a loyal and engaged fanbase.

With that being said, it should be stated that her content is not for everyone. However, it is worth checking a video or two out at least once, as her videos are produced exceptionally well.

The majority of videos tell a unique story, and focuses on a new goal or feature that has been introduced to their Minecraft world. In one video Aphmau may be playing as a pop star, while in another she has shapeshifted into a baby werewolf, and in yet another she could be trying to heal the sick mobs of Minecraft.

Most videos features a recurring cast of characters, who each have their own whimsical personality. Each video simply has knack for keeping the attention of the viewer.

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