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Jess is a YouTube gamer and Twitch streamer who primarily plays Minecraft. Pixelmon, The Sims 4, and Spore are among the other games she has played for her channel. She and her husband went on to found CatFace. Buy Aphmau Merch Here!

Aphmau Merch

About Aphmau Merch

Jason and Jessica had discussed the idea of starting a YouTube channel with a group of friends at the start of their careers. The channel Challenge Accepted Inc. was founded in August 2012 and began with four members (including Jessica and Jason). After two members left due to personal issues, the channel was reduced to Jessica and Jason.

They renamed the channel Aphmau Gaming, and eight years later, Jess and Jason have grown Aphmau Gaming to 6.3 million subscribers and counting! Jessica currently co-owns a company called CatFace with Jason, which she plans to sell in 2020. The company’s primary goal is to assist her in producing YouTube content. Jessica has four channels in total:

Early and Personal life

Jessica was born in Houston, Texas, on October 16, 1989. She was raised as an only child, but she has a half brother. Her parents divorced a few years after she was born. Jessica’s mother was granted primary custody, and the two returned to her grandmother’s home. Jessica’s aunts and cousins would also live there, according to Jessica.

Jessica’s older brother had a gaming console, which she would ask him to play, but because they were siblings, he said “nah.” Of course, she’d sneak into his room to play. Her parents took her to Best Buy one day, telling her they had a surprise for her and showing her a Nintendo 64, her first gaming console. This would be the start of her gaming hobby.

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